Breakfast Menu & Trays​

Breakfast  Menu options:

$10.00 per person  

Choose 2 items from this section ,additional items may be added for an additional fee.

Bacon egg and Cheese Casserole                  Bacon

Ham                                                                    French Toast Casserole

Sausage   patties                                              Bacon or Sausage Quiche

Sausage Links                                                    Sausage and Egg Casserole                        

 Scrambled Eggs                                                Pancakes                                                        

  Waffles                                                             Shrimp & Grits * (Additional $2.00 per person)    

Choose 2  items from this section

Home fried Potatoes                                        Grits

Fresh Fruit Tray                                                 Parfait w/ granola and fruit

Fresh Fruit Salad                                                Biscuits & Sausage Gravy

Choose 1 item from this section

Assorted Danish                   Biscuits                         Bagel

Assorted Muffins                 Cinnamon Rolls           Croissant            English Muffins

Choose 2 items:

Apple Juice           Grape Juice     Sweet tea

Orange Juice         Coffee


Breakfast Trays:

Feeds 10-12 people

Assorted Muffin &  Danish Tray   $24.00

Bagel , Biscuit & English Muffin  Tray $24.00

Individual Juice    $1.00 per person




Drop off coffee Service 10-12  $1.50 per person

includes Disposable Pot


all Sales subject to SC Sales & Hospitality Tax